What is E124 and Is It Vegan? | Quick Answer 2023
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What is E124 and Is It Vegan? | Quick Answer 2023

Introduction To E124 – What is it?

E124 is a food additive that makes food color red or purple after mixing. E124 is found in many different types of food. This causes diseases like cancer, heart disease, and attention disorders like ADHD, so try to avoid it.

E124 is an artificial food dye that is used to color candy, ice cream, baked goods, and other processed foods. It has been legal to use in the US since 1973, but there has been some debate about whether or not it is safe for people to eat.

FDA says that E124 is one of the world’s most commonly used color dyes. There needs to be more research to find out if these.

It is also called Natural Red 4, Cochineal extract, and carmine. Many different kinds of food contain this additive, like candy, yogurt, and processed foods. So what’s all the big deal about? Is E124 vegan? Let’s look at the product closer to find out.

Is E124 Vegan?

That’s a bit of a tough question to answer. Not because we don’t know the answer, either. (we do). It is more because of just how controversial E124 is as an ingredient. This is why some countries, such as the United States, have banned E124 use in food items.

But it is still allowed in other countries, such as the United Kingdom. However, this has caused a lot of confusion among consumers and companies alike.

What Foods Contain E124?

E124 can be found in several foods, including Ice cream, Baked goods, and Made-to-order foods yogurt. How were these things made if they are vegan? If they have animal items in them, they might not be good for vegans.

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Does E124 Cause Cancer?

No, there is no proof that E124 makes people obtain cancer. The FDA in the United States and the European Union have said that it is safe to use as a food coloring, but they have set limits on how much can be used.

But this doesn’t mean it’s safe to eat since studies have shown that individuals are allergic or sensitive to the dye and may get headaches or other symptoms after eating foods with it.


E124 is a coloring for food that comes from coal tar. It is also vegan because it doesn’t have any parts that come from animals. Even if you haven’t heard of this ingredient before, it’s important to know what it is and if it’s in your favorite foods.

But there are vegan options to E124 that can be used instead, like beet juice or vegetable dyes. (such as those derived from carrots). These alternatives have the same effects on color without any health risks that come with E124.

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