Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Prices, Hours & More [2023]
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Shoney’s Breakfast Buffet Prices, Hours and More [2023]

Shoney’s is an American restaurant chain that operates in 17 states. The headquarter of Shoney is in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a casual family restaurant that is well known for its buffets. 

There are a lot of menu options that Shoney offers to its customers. Shoney is famous for its Breakfast and has become a household name in the American south. 

Shoney’s was first founded by Alex Schoenbaum in 1947. People like this restaurant because it offers a variety of menu options for breakfast dinners, like salads, omelettes, burgers, pasta dishes, pancakes, etc. 

Many people take Breakfast outdoors because due to working load. So they want to eat Breakfast from outdoor restaurants like Shoney. Shoney is the best option for their breakfast menu items. 

Are you wondering about Shoney’s breakfast prices and hours, so here you have all the details about Shoney’s prices and hours? Keep reading to learn more. 

Shoney’s breakfast buffet price

If you want to see the breakfast buffet price, you must first know about Shoney’s history or popularity. First, you will understand about Shoney. 

About Shoney

As discussed above, Shoney is an American food chain that operates in more than 700 locations, and it is very famous for its breakfast and dinner meals. Shoney is the best place for home-style American food. At the beginning of the 1980s, Shoney’s is well-known for its breakfast bars.

With specific locations featuring buffets and alcohol service, it provides full-menu dining service. Shoney’s is proud only to serve fresh, never frozen food. To elaborate, the most popular items clients order from them are burgers, salads, and pasta.

Buffet-style eating is available at Shoney’s, which is renowned for its breakfast bar. Its famous product offerings include breakfast items like appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, chicken, fish, pulled pork, and sweets.

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What are Shoney’s Breakfast Items?

At Breakfast, everyone wants fresh and hygienic food in their meals. So Shoney is the best option; it provides you with custom food you like. It also offers a great menu at its dinner. Shoney’s provides a lot of breakfast menu items like:

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Breakfast plates
  • Omelettes
  • Pancakes
  • Salads
  • Biscuit and Gravy
  • Breakfast Sandwich
  • All-Star Breakfast
  • Shoney’s Steak Breakfast
  • All-Star Breakfast
  • Country Fried Steak Breakfast

How much is Shoney breakfast buffet?

Shoney’s breakfast buffet is a first choice for many people in their Breakfast. The price of the Shoney breakfast buffet ranges between $5.99 to $13.99.

The average price of Shoney’s breakfast buffet is about $11.99. This breakfast option also includes a drink in it. It also offers a bird special, and the menu items’ prices vary from place to place. 

Here you see all the details of Shoney’s Breakfast with prices. 

  • The price of Pancakes is $5.99
  • The cost of All-Star Breakfast is $5.99
  • The price of the Veggie Omelet is $6.99
  • The price of a Slim Jim Omelet is $6.99
  • The price of the Breakfast Sandwich is $6.99
  • The price of Create-Your-Own Omelet is $6.99
  • The price of Philly Steak and Cheese Omelet is $6.99
  • The price of Country Fried Steak Breakfast is $7.99
  • The price of Steak and Eggs is $11.99
  • The price of Biscuits and Gravy is $2.99

The price of 

  • Christy’s Apple Crisp is $3.99
Shoney's Breakfast Buffet Prices, Hours & More [2023]

What are the working hours of Shoney’s Buffet?

Serial NoOperating Days-Working DaysWorking Hours
1.Monday6 Am to 11 Pm
2.Tuesday6 Am to 11 Pm
3.Wednesday6 Am to 11 Pm
4.Thursday6 Am to 11 Pm
5.Friday6 Am to 11 Pm
6.Saturday6 Am to 1 Pm
7.Sunday6 Am to 1 Pm

How to find Shoney’s near me?

See all Shoney’s Restaurant locations or search for one close to you. It is easy. Simply go to the website of Shoney. You can also use the store locator tool for this. Here, enter your city’s zip code, which helps the website quickly locate your nearest location of shoney. 

When you learn about the Shoney restaurant, tap the Get directions button to follow the subsequent guidelines. You also find your nearest location by calling the restaurant directly. 

You can see the menu for Shoney’s Restaurant, explore reviews for Shoney’s Restaurant, and get Shoney’s Restaurant’s contact information.

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What are the Shoney breakfast bar hours?

Serial NoOperating Days-Working DaysWorking Hours
1.Monday11am to 12am
2.Tuesday11am to 12am
3.Wednesday11am to 12am
4.Thursday11am to 12am
5.Friday11am to 12am
6.Saturday11 am to 2 am
7.Sunday11 Pm to 12 Pm

What are Shoney’s breakfast hours on Holidays?

The Breakfast hours of Shoney on holidays are:

HolidaysTiming hours
New Year’s DayRegular hours like other working days
Martin Luther King Jr. DayRegular hours like other working days
President’s DayRegular hours like other working days
Good FridayRegular hours like other working days
Easter dayRegular hours like other working days
Cinco de MayoRegular hours like other working days
Memorial DayRegular hours like other working days
Independence DayRegular hours like other working days
Columbus DayRegular hours like other working days
Veteran’s DayRegular hours like other working days
Thanksgiving DayRegular hours like other working days
New Year’s Eve dayRegular hours like other working days

Which are the Most popular items at Shoney?

There are two most popular items that offer Shoney. That is Chicken breast and A11-Star Breakfast. The price of Chicken Breast is $14.22, and the price of an A11-Star breakfast is $9.59. 

Does Shoney Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Shoney does not offer its Breakfast all day. Breakfast is often served from 6:00 am until 11:00 am. Thus, at 11 am, Shoney stops serving Breakfast. In most places, Shoney’s Breakfast may be ordered for delivery at about 8 am, but only sometimes any earlier. This makes choosing a healthy breakfast option from Shoney in the morning much more accessible.

Is Shoney’s Breakfast available every day?

Absolutely, from 6 am to 11 am every morning, Shoney’s serves its Breakfast. Nonetheless, some locations continue to offer food past 7 am.

Does Shoney have pancake breakfast?

Yes, Shoney offers pancakes on its breakfast menu. One of Shoney’s most excellent dishes is the pancakes. These are made precisely like granny used to. Each pancake is light and fluffy and appears to melt in your mouth.

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How to contact Shoney’s customer service?

The Address of Shoney is:

110 Interstate Dr. Nashville, TN 37206 United States

The Phone Number of Shoney is: +1 615-255-3021

The Fax Number for Shoney is: (865) 381-0620

The Email of Shoney is:

The Official Website of Shoney is:

What are a few of the delicacies Shoney offers?

Christy’s Apple crisp, pancakes, vegetable omelettes, Philadelphia steak and cheese omelettes, All-Star Breakfast, and other well-known and delectable dishes are just a few of Shoney’s offerings.

Do they serve beer at Shoney’s?

Shoney’s will introduce beer to its menu, but it is in a few restaurants. The addition of wine to the menu is also an option, depending on the local market.


Hopefully, the information included in this article is beneficial for you. If you have any queries regarding Shoney’s breakfast buffet price, feel free to put your questions in the comment box. We are always here to help you. Have a great day. 

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