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9 Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

Are you looking for Nostalgia ice cream maker recipes? Continue reading to learn some of the most delicious nostalgia ice cream maker recipes.

Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

Ice cream is a timeless comfort food that can make you smile no matter your age. Nothing beats a scoop of ice cream when the temperature starts to rise. Moreover, there are thousands of flavors available, so there is something for everyone.

While eating a dollop of silky, sweet ice cream is wonderful, the delight of preparing it from scratch elevates the experience. It may seem tedious to turn sugar and cream into a wonderful ice cream, but you can produce a rich, bend-your-spoon-thick ice cream in just a few minutes.

You can follow any method to make ice cream, but a nostalgia ice cream maker has proven to produce the creamiest, softest, and most delectable ice cream. At the push of a button, you can create countless variations of ice cream. Thanks to its motor, which enables accurate mixing and chilling, the preparation methods are made simple.

We go over several nostalgia ice cream machine recipes in this article.

We provide you with the ingredients, directions for preparation, and important advice you should keep in mind when making ice cream with Nostalgia Ice Maker. We then wrap up by responding to your commonly asked questions about these recipes.

How Do You Use Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker to Make Ice Cream?

You can make ice cream from scratch or use ice cream packets. Both are fantastic, to be honest, but homemade ice cream is more reasonably priced and equally satisfying. 

Here are three simple steps for making ice cream in your Nostalgia ice cream maker:

Prepare the ice cream base 

If you want to make custard-style ice cream, you need to cook the egg yolks, and then let it cool.

Set up your ice cream maker

Freeze the ice cream bowl ahead of time and set up the machine by following the instructions manual.

The ice cream maker should be set up after the ice cream canister has been frozen in advance. The user guides for each of the nostalgia ice cream maker models are available here.

Churn homemade ice cream

Shift the chilled ice cream mixture to the frozen ice cream canister. Make sure you just fill it up to 2/3 of the way full. Keep any leftovers in the refrigerator for later. Layer the bucket with ice and rock salt. Churn the ice cream until it becomes soft and creamy.

Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Put fresh summer cherries to use for this Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream! This cherry Garcia ice cream recipe can be made with an ice cream maker or as no-churn ice cream. Both ways are best and yield a creamy copycat of a classic. 

For the full recipe of cherry garcia ice cream, click here.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

It goes without saying that we create a lot of ice cream, especially during the summer, but the mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe is one the best and most delicious homemade ice creams you have ever made. It only takes seven ingredients, including cream, mint flavoring, and chopped chocolate, to produce a rich creamy flavor. The best thing is that it doesn’t contain corn syrup, guar gum, cellulose gum, or any other artificial flavors. Moreover, this ice cream does not require simmering or boiling in a saucepan, unlike custard bases, and it does not contain any egg yolks. 

For the full recipe of mint chocolate chip ice cream, click here.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

The pumpkin pie ice cream recipe is a delicious and flavorful sweet dessert you never knew you wanted! You will love it when you know it’s loaded with all your favorite flavors. This velvety and fluffy ice cream recipe is made with blended pumpkin puree and spices. If you are looking for a sweet and yummy seasonal dessert, this recipe is for you.

For the full recipe of pumpkin pie ice cream, click here.

Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream

This flavored ice cream is packed with the crunch of speculoos cookies and spicy flavors. The creamy Biscoff ice cream is a dream dessert for all cookie butter lovers. Moreover, it’s a delicious homemade ice cream recipe for the most decadent summer treat ever!

For the full recipe of Biscoff Cookie Butter ice cream, click here.

No Eggs Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

As the name suggests, this vanilla ice cream recipe is made without eggs which means that there is no need to cook it on flame. Still, its texture is so creamy and full of flavors. If you are craving plain vanilla ice cream with your favorite toppings, this no-egg vanilla ice cream recipe is for you!

For the full recipe of no egg vanilla ice cream, click here.

Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream

The chocolate marshmallow ice cream recipe is a flavorful, creamy, and fluffy chocolate ice cream, swished with sweet marshmallow fluff and dark chocolate chunks. This ice cream is a French-style ice cream made with egg yolks and it is also gluten-free and nut-free. If you love marshmallows, then this is a super satisfying ice cream recipe for you!

For the full recipe of chocolate marshmallow ice cream, click here.

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

It’s very simple to make the delicious blueberry cheesecake ice cream recipe at home. Its every scoop is flavored with creamy vanilla ice cream, cream cheese flavor, and sweet blueberry sauce. Moreover, the homemade blueberry compote, which is made with fresh blueberries, is everyone’s favorite since it gives the vanilla cheesecake ice cream base a delicious fruity touch.

For the full recipe of blueberry cheesecake ice cream, click here.

S’Mores Ice Cream

S’mores are always loveable in every season, either summer or spring. Even when the weather is cool, sitting around a fire with a toasty marshmallow covered in slightly melted chocolate makes your soul relax and happy.

For the full recipe of S’Mores ice cream, click here.

Oreo Cookie Ice Cream

Do you like Oreo-flavored ice cream? If your answer is yes, here are two amazing Oreo Cookie Ice cream recipes (with and without an ice cream maker) for you. The first Oreo Cookie ice cream recipe will combine Oreo chocolate cookies with vanilla ice cream. On the other hand, the second one will be made with just three simple ingredients that result in a rich and creamy flavor with the crunch of Oreo cookies. You’ll love them both.

For the full recipe of Oreo Cookie ice cream, click here.

Final Words

It’s not difficult to make ice cream, and purchasing a nostalgia ice cream machine will guarantee consistently good results. If you love ice cream, the recipes for nostalgia ice cream makers listed above will fully satisfy your demands. On warm summer days, offer them as a dessert to savor their icy flavor in every bite. You can even serve them after any meal.

FAQs – Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Recipes

Do you need salt for the nostalgia ice cream maker?

Rock salt is necessary, but if you don’t have any, table salt or kosher salt will serve the purpose. 

Do you have to use nostalgia ice cream mix?

Nope! Alternatively, you may manufacture your own ice cream base. The ice cream packets make life easier, but the cost mounts!

How many parts are there in a nostalgia ice cream maker?

It depends on your model. The majority of the models come with an electric motor, a dasher, a bucket, and an ice cream container with a cover. For confirmation that you have all the parts, check your instruction manual.

Can I use regular salt instead of rock salt?

When making ice cream using a nostalgic ice cream machine, regular salt or kosher salt can be used in place of rock salt. However, rock salt should be used for better freezing.

Why isn’t my ice cream thickening in the nostalgia ice cream maker?

Most likely, the canister is not cold enough. Try adding rock salt and ice, but the next time, make sure the canister is cold enough by putting it in the freezer the day before you make ice cream.

How long does it take to make ice cream in a nostalgia machine?

Depending on the ingredients and their proportions, preparing your ice cream takes a different amount of time. Your ice cream, however, ought to be ready in 20 to 30 minutes.

Does nostalgia ice cream maker stop on its own?

When the ice cream is done, the Nostalgia ice cream maker automatically shuts off. The outcome will be a soft, rich, and smooth ice cream that may be enjoyed immediately or chilled for a few hours in the freezer to firm up and harden.

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